Areas of Activity


The company's field of activity is all aspects of clinical neurophysiology; services concerning clinical examinations and analyses of the peripheral and central nervous system

The focus at the moment is quantitative EEG activities at health care facilities. The company has developed a mobile digital EEG systems allowing patient to be examined locally where patients cared for or visit receptions for open care patients. Other solutions such as recordings on ECT (electroconvulsive treatment) units. Our customers have appreciated this because transport costs and logistics to a centralized laboratory thus disappears. Availability of examinations has significantly increased and our service level is very high.

Since the company started in 1998 a continuous development of quantitative EEG analysis taken place, which today has become very refined and are in comparison, superior to conventional EEG analysis.

For dementia investigations the quantitative EEG analysis have proved to very good diagnostic accuracy, but also to be able to follow the course at various dementia states. In addition, the analysis can differentiate dementia of vascular cause, pseudodemens and other secondary causes, vis-à-vis different primary degenerative dementias such as Alzheimer's disease, Lewy-body dementia and Fronto-temporal dementia. Read more about quantitative EEG in dementia here.

Survey methodology are easy for the patient to cope with and is not invasive and inexpensive, making it an important method in dementia diagnostics, particularly for routine diagnostic and makes it easy to subsequently follow patients disease progression enhancing diagnostics and for evaluation of treatments.

For ECT (electroconvulsive treatment), the company has developed a unique monitoring system with quantitative EEG technology that creates a far more advanced way to record and analyze the electrical activity during ECT. Compared to the earlier systems, the epileptic activity can directly be recorded, even during the actual electroshock. This method can evaluate the epileptic activity during the stimulation. Because the recorded signal is digital, offers advanced analysis of recorded EEG. This should be the most developed monitor method at ECT currently. Read more about quantitative EEG of ECT here.

Our EEC activities cover all aspects that are in demand by our customers such as epilepsy issues, other pathological cerebral condition etc.

The company is led by Rolf Ekedahl M.D.,PhD. speciality in clinical neurophysiology with many years of experience in clinical neurophysiology.

If you are interested in the company's activities please contact NeuFyDi AB